The Corona Pandemic and its solution

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The problem itself is the solution.

Did you ever try to create your own crossword puzzle or sudoku? It’s indeed necessary to pose the answer before you can formulate the problem.

So, why to start with, do we see the pandemic as a problem, rather than a solution, as suggested above?

With our human intellect and feelings we see phenomena and their effects. We see positive effects and negative effects. All according to our subjective human eyes.

We saw blue skies, thriving wildlife and less crime and hatred as results of Corona. We also see sickness, even death, and distress.

Let’s try (yes we can only try) to be objective and say that the positive and negative effects are equal, meaning there’s an equilibrium, as there is in nature, even though we cannot or might not want to see it that way.

If so, what about the significance of the event? Did something happen at all? Or was it just another whatever it was, we’ll forget about it soon-thing?

Well, let’s have a look at the effects of the pandemic once again. There were positive ones and negative ones. Now, let’s say those were actually not effects of the pandemic at all, but effects of human relations and consciousness. Let’s say the blue skies and falling crime rates were results of improved human relations and consciousness. And the negative ones; people getting sick and dying? Let’s say they were results of not so good human relations and consciousness.

And the problem, and the solution?

Humanity has not been able for a long time to discern between good and bad, we have become destructive, to ourselves and to earth. We don’t want to deal with, or think about this; we tell ourselves we love each other and everything is fine, but it’s not. Sickness and death is currently the most objective definition of our way of life on earth. Blue skies and good will is merely a beautiful fantasy.

Until lately.

Corona showed us that such things really exist. We were forced to look up from our present state of sickness and death, and what we saw was still sickness and death, since that is our state, but we also saw harmony and good relations and conscious thinking, and a thriving nature around us, a sweet breeze giving us hope for life beyond the sickness and death we were so used to we didn’t even see it. We were reminded about what human consciousness and good human relations are capable of.

Corona shed its light on the forgotten value of human care and connection. And the truth is, that’s all we need to be able to start dealing with our problems and to start to see the bright future, in its objective, human sense.



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Staffan Carle

Staffan Carle

Translator, forklift driver, father, student of human integral systems, expat in Japan